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An online space for educators to discover, curate and collaborate.

What do Romeo and Juliet, Fibonacci numbers, and a Ted Talk on the history of love have to do with 9th grade English? Create with us to find out.

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Where rebel educators come to collaborate on new ideas

Create authentic classroom experiences.

Passionate teachers make better teachers, and inspiration doesn’t come from a pre-made binder. We’re ‘anti’ a lot of things, but teacher creativity isn’t one of them.

Discover new ideas or share your own.

Search for Youtube videos, news articles, images, and lessons created by real teachers for real classrooms and professional learning communities.

Curate and organize all your ideas in one place.

Organize new ideas and strategies into Stacks that make sense for you. Create Stacks around big ideas for professional growth, or around practical concepts you can use in the classroom.

Collaborate with others, near and far.

Share stacks and talk about ideas with teachers at the end of the hall, or the end of the world. Expert to expert, create relationships that make an impact.

Innovate with teachers around the world.

Develop better ideas through authentic, seamless collaboration. Every small idea can make a big impact, so why not make things better together?

Curio works the way teachers already do.

When it comes to your classroom, you’re the expert. Discover new ideas or share your own strategies in a way that works for you, combining everything that matters in one place.

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Where rebel educators come to collaborate on new ideas & strategies.

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