Why Curio? - Curio Learning

Educators are the experts around here.

Real collaboration happens when educators can step outside of what’s expected of them, and focus on what’s possible when great ideas are connected with great people around the globe. Experience equals expertise, not titles.

Your ideas, as well as others, all in one Stack.

Ideas, lesson plans, policies, YouTube videos and thought pieces curated all in one place, so you can easily discover new ideas or collaborate. All made by real educators out to make a difference.

Save ideas, content and lessons into Cards.

Organize your big ideas and online content you’ve discovered into Stacks of Cards for easy access. Whether it’s for your own personal growth, or for use in the classroom, you’re in the driver seat.

Build a community of doers with great ideas.

We’ve all seen a great but rough idea get shut down by committees and formal feedback loops — we’re building a community of growth-minded collaboration so you can present your ideas with confidence.

Categories help you discover new ideas.

Every piece of content is organized and easy to find by categories and areas of interest, as well as, individual expertise of each educator. Easily find ideas, content and the experts you’re searching for.

Curio works the way teachers already do.

When it comes to your classroom, you’re the expert. Discover new ideas or share your own strategies in a way that works for you, combining everything that matters in one place.