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What do Lil' Stunk, psychology, and the U.S. election have to do with 11th grade social studies? Create with us to find out.

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So You’re a Rebel Teacher, Huh?

Rebel Teaching Rule #1: Teachers are the heart of education.

Passionate teachers make better teachers, and inspiration doesn’t come from a pre-made binder. To motivate and inspire learners, every teacher should lean in to her passion and creativity.

Rebel Teaching Rule #2: Embrace what’s new.

Digital natives in classrooms today expect a different kind of learning experience. Rebel Teachers don’t fight this truth: They live it. Curio lets you discover the latest videos, articles, resources, documents, graphics, images, and lessons created by real teachers for every kind of student.

Rebel Teaching Rule #3: Get organized.

Rebel Teachers know that chaos theory doesn’t change lives. Curio lets you organize new ideas and strategies into Cards & Stacks around big ideas that make sense for you.

Rebel Teaching Rule #4: Find some friends.

Great teaching doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Curio lets you share ideas with teachers at the end of the hall, or the end of the world. Expert to expert, create relationships that make an impact on students.

Rebel Teaching Rule #5: Believe in change for good.

Every small idea can make a big impact, so why not make things better together? Curio puts teachers at the center of learning, where they belong. So while you’re there together, why not embrace risk and try something new?

Rebel Teaching Rule #6: Doing good work shouldn’t be so hard.

You’re already browsing the internet, hyper-connected on social media, Googling like a maniac. We know what you do. We just want to make it easier for you. Curio works the way teachers already do.

Where Rebel Teachers come to discover, curate, and collaborate.

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