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Curio’s all about teachers.

The rebellious ones.

Often the most powerful innovations can be the simplest of ideas. Curio exemplifies this philosophy. The nuances of teaching and learning are complex, but at the heart of the most powerful learning experiences is the human experience.

Even digital natives who sit in classrooms today, regardless of the technology in their hands, still crave relationships with teachers. Most people who have been formally educated will point to a teacher who influenced their path forward. But the best teachers don’t accidentally turn out that way. Most great teachers grow through experience and careful development.

At Curio, we innately understand this truth. And we have built an experience around it. Curio is for every educator who believes the way forward in edtech is not working around teachers, but with them.

A letter from Ashley, Curio Founder, CEO and Head Rebel.

To my dearest fellow Rebel Teachers,

Fourteen years ago, I was a first year teacher who went to great lengths to make my classroom perfect for my new students.

Armed with my We Can Do It poster, essential oil diffusers, and the quiet sounds of Bob Dylan playing from the back corner, I was going to be different. My teaching style matched my decor–a little hippie, a little idealism, a little Rebel. We grew herb gardens in egg cartons, we wrote slam poems, we went on field trips, we built graffiti walls, we hosted famous artists, and when the power went out one day, we had a makeshift dance party set to original songs we wrote.

I made big mistakes, dusted myself off, and made them again. Some lessons worked, some blew up in my face big time. But in time, I developed my own style, my own creative way to teach each new crop of students who marched into my vanilla-scented, brightly-colored little world. Just like the Dylan poster on my wall proclaimed, “The times they are a changin’”. Times were changing, but I became more creative, more energized, and more of a risk taker each year. Like many other dedicated teachers out there, teaching became my passion.

But I didn’t always have a cheering crowd behind me and my methods. Because real teaching–the kind that only a passionate teacher can do–doesn’t come from a binder or a numbered lesson plan found online at 3 AM or a worksheet downloaded from some guy’s blog. Don’t get me wrong–those things can help from time to time–but they don’t inspire and empower young people. And the people with the binders and the prescribed lesson plans and the worksheets sometimes want teachers like me to just shut up and do it their way.

Curio is not for them. Or for the teachers who just shut up.

Curio is for the revolutionaries, the wayfinders, the path-forgers, for those of you who march to the beat of your own drum.

I created Curio for you. So will you join me in taking back the classroom? Are you ready to #TeachLikeARebel?

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We’re excited about where we’ve been, but really pumped about where we’re going with a growing bunch of Rebel Teachers joining our community every day. Join us.

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