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Collaborative Teaching: Announcing #CurioHappyHours!

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Why #CurioHappyHours?

#CurioHappyHours originated from Curio founder, Ashley Lamb-Sinclair’s, success as the Uber Girlboss Pitch Competition grand prize winner. As part of her prize, she won $5000 in Uber credits (along with $90k!) and started to think about ways to use the credits to support the growing rebel teacher community in the Curio platform.

During Ashley’s fourteen years as a classroom educator, she found relief, inspiration, community, and creativity on Friday afternoons when she and her teacher crew would gather at a local restaurant for happy hour after a long week of teaching. Over time, she recognized that the informal community she built with other teachers often led to great ideas she would put to use on Monday mornings when she headed back to school. She started to notice how her teacher happy hours inevitably impacted her school and her students.

What are #CurioHappyHours?

#CurioHappyHours are an opportunity for rebel teachers around the country to gather with others who want to get creative about teaching or take action on a topic in education that matters to their community.

Curio provides a platform for collecting and sharing ideas from the #CurioHappyHour through our online collaboration tool. Teachers can gather teaching strategies or spread teacher created resources for starting movements and creating change in education.

A local “Rebel Host” offers to lead a #CurioHappyHour in his or her community, invites other teachers to join, creates stacks in Curio on a relevant education topic, gathers his or her #RebelSquad, and Curio sends lots of love AND UberEats using Ashley’s prize winnings from the Uber Girlboss Pitch Competition.

Where are the #CurioHappyHours?

We are launching our first #CurioHappyHour on April 27th in Philadelphia at the Education for Liberation Conference hosted by Teacher Action Group Philly. TAG Philly is an inspiring group of educators “committed to fostering positive school transformation, environments where students and teachers can thrive, and community ownership and influence within education.” Curio couldn’t be more honored to start our #CurioHappyHour journey with them! We also love our Philly Rebel Host, Sam Reed, an inspiring educator who defines what it means to #TeachLikeaRebel.

Stay in the loop with us on our blog and social media to read about our visit to Philadelphia, and future #CurioHappyHour locations including upcoming Los Angeles, Denver, Santa Fe, and Boston!

How can I lead a #CurioHappyHour in my community?

  1. Sign up for Curio!
  2. Contact us using our Contact form to send us a message letting us know you’re interested in hosting a #CurioHappyHour in your community OR send us a message on social media.
  3. We’ll be in touch asap with a handbook, swag package, and details for leading your own #CurioHappyHour to start a teacher movement in your community.

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