Rebel Teaching: Dig into the concept on The Edtech Startup Show Podcast - Curio Learning

Rebel Teaching: Dig into the concept on The Edtech Startup Show Podcast

Curio Founder & CEO, Ashley Lamb-Sinclair, speaks about Curio, rebel teachers, creative teaching, and teachers as entrepreneurs on The Edtech Startup Show with Gerard Dawson.

When you’re walking down a path that no one has walked before, you shine a light on everyone else who hasn’t done that yet.


Highlights include:

  • Ashley discusses the process many teachers go through when planning, collecting and creating lessons & how Curio supports teachers in this process
  • What is a Rebel Teacher?
  • What would be the social impact of hundreds of thousands of teachers joining Curio?
  • The challenges of the journey from teacher to entrepreneur
  • The divide between the world inside schools and that outside of schools
  • How writing for publication in The Atlantic contradict what Ashley taught in her English classroom
  • Ashley’s perspective on growing users in Curio, and the importance of timing, mindset, ebb & flow
  • Ashley’s journey from luddite to tech entrepreneur
  • How edtech startups can create opportunities for teacher career paths
  • Ashley shares her perspective on suspicion toward her as a teacher who started a company
  • Ashley’s advice – which may surprise you – for teachers who want to carve an entrepreneurial path

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