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You had me at #TeachLikeaRebel.

So now what?

You and your ideas create Curio.

We democratize education by putting those with the power of influence – Teachers – at the heart of our platform. Creative, transformative teaching is not easy. Curio lets those doing the work, sharing the ideas, finding the resources, and collaborating with the best of the best shine. No fancy titles necessary. (But – hey – if ya’ got ’em, flaunt ’em!)

A visual organizer for your best ideas.

Your ideas–from seed to bloom–can become dynamic, beautiful, and practical. Curio is built with Cards & Stacks. A Card can be created using one or more links, images, and/or files. A Stack is like a folder of cards. #TeachLikeaRebel means that you are the expert, the designer, and the creator.

Save, organize, and curate all of your ideas and resources.

With Curio, you can organize your ideas, resources, files, and links into Stacks of Cards for easy access.

Build a community of doers with great ideas.

And not only can you save, build, and easily find resources you collect and create with Curio, but you can also have real discussions with other educators about those ideas and resources without the noise.

Curio makes the invisible work of Rebel Teachers, visible.

Curio brings all of your ideas into one simple, collaborative space. From articles and lesson plans, to TED Talks and Youtube videos, you can connect your big ideas to the content, links, docs and most importantly – people – into one educator-focused online space.

Curio works the way teachers already do.

When it comes to education, teachers are the experts. Discover new ideas or share your own strategies in a way that works for you, and combine everything that matters to you and your students into one place.

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