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Why #TeachLikeaRebel?

Curio is a platform for teachers to get creative and become the best version of themselves for their students. Our #TeachLikeaRebel philosophy came about when we started talking about the kinds of teachers we wanted to bring together. Our realization was that the best teachers are a little (or sometimes a lot) rebellious, especially in the name of doing what is best for students. #TeachLikeaRebel just bubbled to the surface and we knew it meant something special.

So now that you’re here, keep reading below to discover all the ways you can engage with Curio and join the #TeachLikeaRebel movement. If you never want to miss insights, news, or opportunities we share with our community, share some quick info with us below and we’ll keep you in the loop!

Our Platform

Imagine this: It’s Sunday night. You’ve spent hours researching ideas for an upcoming unit or lesson, saving resources & creating new ones, and asking questions or chatting on social media to find out what other teachers like you are doing in their classrooms that might help you.

You find some cool resources, but you have to copy / paste text into a document, bookmark hundreds of links that will make no sense later when you try to find them again, modify & create your own stuff, and still plan on heading into work early in the morning to pick the brains of your colleagues. And when you go back to find all that cool stuff you created or found, you have to use ten different platforms to find and make sense of your ideas & materials.

Here’s the problem with this situation: Great ideas from great teachers are lost in the metaphorical cracks of couches every Sunday night. Or in teachers’ lounges all over the country surrounded by broken copiers and stale chips leftover from the last potluck. The process for creating, organizing & sharing great ideas is tedious, and this inefficient process keeps the best ideas hidden from the world.

Often the beauty of great teaching and the ideas of great teachers remain invisible. At Curio, we believe invisible ideas and invisible talent is a tragedy.

So the platform is a place to discover ideas & resources from other teachers, save those ideas & organize them for yourself, then ask questions of or connect with other teachers like you.

If you have a document in your Google drive with a list of unorganized URLs or have woken up abruptly in the middle of the night with drool on your keyboard and 47 tabs open all titled, “lesson ideas for…,” then Curio is just the right place for you. It takes two minutes to join, and you can sign up below.

Our Community

Not everyone identifies as a Rebel Teacher, and that’s okay. We also recognize that being a Rebel Teacher means different things in different places for different people at different times, which is also okay. The bottom line: We are building a space for people who want to color outside the lines, challenge themselves, and also trust themselves as experts who know what is best for their students.

Curio is also a community for teachers with ambition–those who know they want to break molds, but are doing their best during their daily planning to get a coffee break. We see you. We know you’re searching and thinking and planning and creating. Curio is for you too.

Our Blog

We built a thriving teacher voice blog on Medium before we had a product or a community to share those voices with because we knew at the heart of our mission were teachers on a mission themselves. Teachers actually say to us frequently that they thought we were a blog before they knew we were much more than that. That’s cool, and we like it.

We’ve since moved our blog to Curio’s home site, as well as continuing to syndicate it on Medium. We want to share with you all of the great content, resources, voice, leadership, and creativity that our Rebel Teachers share with us.

If you have a rebel voice you that you want to share, connect with us by clicking the Contact tab at the top of this page and send us a pitch for a guest post you’d like to write, if that’s your thing. If not, follow the button below to read our blog, and we hope you’ll keep following!

Our Swag

Digging the #TeachLikeaRebel vibe? Check out our shop and get your own! We update our shop all the time with new Rebels and new designs. Or contact us and let us know that you want to join our Rebel Squad of Curio influencers, then we’ll send you some swag for free!

Where Rebel Teachers come to discover, curate, and collaborate.

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